Upload your video and get camera trajectory, mesh or gaussian splat of the scenery in your video.

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Tooling for 3D rendering

The AI-based Veovid API streamlines the process of 3D rendering in both video production and special effects.

Simply upload your video and get the required JSON or PLY file and process it with your daily software, e.g. by importing it to Blender with the Nerfstudio AddOn.

>>Download samples
  • Get camera path
    Get the camera trajectory from your video as JSON file.

  • Get mesh
    Get the mesh of the scenery in your video as JSON file.

  • Get gaussian splat
    Get a photorealistic 3D model of the scenery in your video as PLY file. Of course we can turn video game inventory into gaussian splats.

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Do you want to realize a use case with innovative computer vision technologies such as Neural Radiance Fields or Gaussian Splatting? Let's talk - we are experts!  

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