Spatial understanding for AI.

We seamlessly integrate artificial intelligence, neural radiance fields, and Gaussian splatting to craft a sophisticated framework that imparts profound spatial understanding to machines.

The team

Dromni is a technology company based in Munich. Stemming from Max's doctoral thesis at the Technical University of Munich, we have been closely aligned with research, and we continue to be so. We are always happy to connect no matter if you are an individual working in computer vision, a company or research institution.

Nicolas Zunhammer

5+ years in robotics
4+ years in robotics and AI
​7+ years in enterprise software development​

Dr. Maximilian Prexl

Ph.D. in augmented virtuality
​7+ years in AI implementation​
17+ years in software development​

Felix Frey
Business development

6+ years in business development
4+ years in start-ups
​6+ years in enterprise ​

We conducted early research on Neural Radiance Fields and Gaussian Splatting. Our co-founder Nico's contributions to the development of Nerfstudio were acknowledged in the University of California, Berkeley's groundbreaking research paper 'Nerfstudio: A Modular Framework for Neural Radiance Field Development'.